The Good Word

The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost – Rachel Friedman

(This was my game-changer.)

Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer

Three Cups of Tea – Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin

Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents – Elisabeth Eaves

To the Last Breath: A Memoir of Going to Extremes – Francis Slakey


2 thoughts on “The Good Word

  1. Ebony S on said:

    Hi there! I’m absolutely amazed. I’ve been having a Julie Roberts in “Eat. Pray. Love.” moment for the last six months. I’m a planner, so throwing caution to the wind and just going scares me. I gain a bit more courage with every post of yours that I read. My first thought after reading your about page was: How does she figure out where to go that’s afordable and safe? Then I ran across this post. I plan on going out to get “The Good Girl’s…” today. Thanks Amelia ;).

    • Thank you, Ebony! I absolutely love that you found this and were inspired by it. It makes the writing so worth it. I really hope you pick up that book- it sounds like you would really benefit from what she has to say. Don’t overthink things, and more importantly, don’t underestimate yourself. You will absolutely surprise yourself and that’s the best part. Please feel free to write me at any time with questions or thoughts. I love hearing about other people’s travel plans so bring ’em on. Best of luck to you, lady!

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